Critical Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Sealing is critical in the oil and gas industry—more than nearly any other industry. That’s because better sealing protects the environment, enhances performance, and provides the unquestioned confidence you need when it matters most. With over five decades of experience working with oil and gas component manufacturing, Technetics Group gives you that confidence. Our products are engineered for unrivaled quality and reliability. From exploring to producing, transporting to refining, Technetics Group offers performance that is built to last.

Look for our precision components, polymers and BELFAB®bellows assemblies, where customized precision in hazardous conditions matters, including down-hole drilling applications, logging while drilling (LWD), measurement while drilling (MWD), blowout preventers, electric submersible pumps (ESPs), artificial lifts and fracking—just to name a few.

Case Studies